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Mussoorie, Benog and collective taxi

D14: Mussoorie 10/4/2019 It’s our last day at the cool altitude in Mussoorie. We hesitated a little to leave in the morning for Rishikesh but the picturesque (semi) pedestrian street with its shops, the views of the nearby snow-capped peaks and the general coolness held us back. Mussoorie is located on a “peak” and we…

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Mussoorie, freshness, hiking and panorama

J12: Mussoorie 8/4/2019 From the plains and hills of Rajasthan to the foothills of the Himalayas. We wake up gently on the night train between Old Delhi and Dehra Dun. Despite the heat and stops, we had a peaceful night and we are much fitter than after our last night train experience in Sri Lanka.…

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