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Jaipur, carpet trading and bazaar

D8: Jaipur 4/4/2019 After a first day of sightseeing, we start a day of adventure. It starts with a spicy noodle breakfast followed by a tourista. Enough to “piment” our next trips. Since the beginning of the stay, we have been looking for THE exchange rate. This is the priority 1 of our day because…

By Guillaume 5 May 2019 0

Jaipur, Amber, scams and birds

J6-J7: Jaipur 2-3/4/2019 With traffic, I think we spent an hour entering Jaipur. We’re coming in from Bundi. It’s still days when the tuktuks throw themselves at us with totally crazy rates. We attack the line of tuktuks and end up finding one, less ambitious with an electric vehicle! Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan.…

By Guillaume 24 April 2019 0