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Agra, marble, feathers and mosaics

J11: Agra 7/4/2019 It’s not only always the same chaos when we arrive at an Indian bus station. De dust, horns, pollution, dirt and 3 drivers of tuktuk that assault us with crazy prices when we’re barely get off the bus. Prices end up going down in a hustle and bustle that becomes familiar. Agra…

By Guillaume 23 June 2019 0

Jaipur, Amber, scams and birds

J6-J7: Jaipur 2-3/4/2019 With traffic, I think we spent an hour entering Jaipur. We’re coming in from Bundi. It’s still days when the tuktuks throw themselves at us with totally crazy rates. We attack the line of tuktuks and end up finding one, less ambitious with an electric vehicle! Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan.…

By Guillaume 24 April 2019 0

Bundi, tank, tank and lost palace

D5, J6: Bundi 1-2/4/2019 When we arrive at Bundi Junction from Chittorgarh, two tuktuk drivers rush towards us. We feed the exchange with lower and lower prices and leave one of the 2, high at the betel. He spends his time honking his horn… Even more than the others. Bundi is a small town east…

By Guillaume 18 April 2019 0