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Rajaji National Park and Haridwar

D16: Rajaji and Haridwar 12/4/2019 In the city of Rishikesh for a few hours, we enjoy a last one-hour yoga session for 4 euros / 300r. The bridge over the Ganges is still congested. Leaving Rishikesh, we will also leave the mountains. We are still not determined to drop pennies to the tuktuks to get…

By Guillaume 10 November 2019 0

Illimani High Altitude Camp

D17: 9/20/2017 Awakening completely missed. It’s 5:45, I’m in the wax, we have to jump in the 4×4 for a 4 hour drive to the Illimani base camp. Illimani is a famous mountain because it is visible from La Paz. It is a 6400 and a few meters (6462m). I would remember each of these…

By Guillaume 10 October 2017 0