Without ascent of Sajama

Without ascent of Sajama

2 October 2017 0 By Guillaume

D15: 9/18/2017

“Washing machine”

The ridge receives the first rays of sunlight. The 5 tents continue to move jostled by the wind. 2-3 Andinists come out with difficulty and exchange a few words:

“como esta”

“la mierda el viento”

“no puedo sleep”

The start of the ascent of Sajama from the altitude camp was planned at 2am. After that, it was 1 hour in the rocks and then 6 hours of glacier to reach the highest point of Bolivia (over 6500m).

The altitude camp is perched on a stop at 5600m. Only 7-8 tents can accommodate. It’s quite exposed (as they say in the middle).

The wind picked up peacefully in the late afternoon. Announced at 5-10km/h, we quickly noticed that it was shaking more. The squalls turned the tents into an all-night washing machine with nausea for the occupants.

Marcello disembarked around 2am to tell us that the wind conditions did not allow for the careful ascent causing disappointment and concern. Disappointment at not being able to get out of the tent for a good reason. Worry not knowing what we’re going to do for 4 hours (?) to come where we won’t sleep.

The wind continued to shake the occupants of the tents on the ridge of the Sajama high-altitude camp. The outside temperature was not engaging so we didn’t try to sleep outside. No one could sleep.

Nauseous, everyone went down once warmed by the sun at base camp, 800m below.

Twin volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerapé
Illimani and the sajama slope

The rest of the day was to distance ourselves from the zombie that is in us. For this, we tested the thermal baths and the bed (with 5 duvets).

Rustic cloakroom, unobstructed view and 35 degrees in the water (10 degrees outside)

Tomorrow we’re going to Chile.

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